Pamela’s “My Cookbook Passion”

Believe it or not, it’s been 10 years in the creation! In December 2021, My Cookbook Passion WAS published and released by Histria Books. The book is a semi-autobiographical anthology of vintage cookbooks from my collection of over 3,000+ books and culinary mementos.

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Pamela Kure Grogan

Edited by S.P. Grogan

A cookbook with a historic recipe anthology does not easily define the wonder of tracking the evolution of the cookbook and the modernization of the kitchen. Pamela Kure Grogan’s My Cookbook Passion draws upon a vintage selection from her 3,000 volume cookbook collection showcasing the changing palates of those at-home and at-travel epicureans. In it, she visualizes the impact of various world wars, financial depressions, expanding transcontinental auto usage, and the technological advancement of utensils and ingredients used in the kitchen on the public’s taste.

My Cookbook Passion is a color panorama of historic cookbooks and recipes with the stories of how such books came into being. Chapters include: “Entertaining is Fun”; “Reach for the Stars” on celebrities; “Inns & Farms”; books on food publishers like Barrows & Co; and a list of famous chefs and their restaurants, most now gone from the scene. There are even hints about becoming a discerning cookbook collector.

Pamela Kure Grogan worked for twenty years as Store Manager at Williams Sonoma and at Sur La Table kitchen stores. She also served as Food Editor for an online food company. Today, Pamela is an active ‘passionate baker’ with her fan-followed social media sites, kitchen a’stir, and now

My Cookbook Passion reaches several audiences: chefs, food lovers, and those at home who want to try the heirloom recipes. More than a cookbook, My Cookbook Passion can serve as a colorful coffee table book or a well-worn cooking resource guide. It is a travel history where nostalgia becomes refreshed and relevant, and one reads into the pages the passion of Pamela Kure Grogan’s recipe selections of the timeless.

Imprint: Gaudium Publishing
approx. 228 pp., 12.5 x 11 in. (279 x 317 mm), Illustrated
Date of Publication: November 9, 2021
ISBN 978-1-59211-117-6

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