BiblioFest 2021

Put Saturday, December 11th on your calendar to celebrate and promote cookbooks!

As a new cookbook author there is a concern that marketing outlets for book sales are fast disappearing, reasons being large online stores as well as the economic impacts of Covid fears.   There needs to be a pro-active response, and here is ours:

To help bookstores sell the 2,500 cookbooks published annually as well as existing inventory stock, we have created a concept that is being formalized and hopefully will have your support and participation.

                                    Cookbook Passion™

                        BiblioFest 2021

                                  For those who love cookbooks…

We would like you to join with us to launch a one-day BibloFest of showcasing and selling cookbooks.  The goal is to seek and draw in new and past customers to your store, to do so by promoting a local/ national event to gain wide-spread publicity.  Our new marketing idea is to generate sales for you!

The cost to you is nothing, almost.  That cost will depend on what you are willing to spend on snacks, posters, publicity, etc.   Who is in charge?  It is your store.  You and your staff run the Cookbook Passion BiblioFest 2021. The date we have set is Saturday, December 11th, an extra push for holiday sales.

One small favor, as part of the event, we do ask you to promote and sell the new cookbook, “My Cookbook Passion”, a semi-autobiographical anthology of vintage cookbooks to be released in November.  We think a winning cookbook fostering an appreciation of culinary history will encourage readers to purchase new cookbooks for their at-home kitchen libraries. 

Please take the time and review the attached BiblioFest 2021 Fact Sheet. Sign and return our BiblioFest Registration Form and make yourself a ‘BiblioFest Prime Exhibitor’.   Fun things to follow.  

Official Event Poster BiblioFest 2021

Savor Your Passion!

Fact Sheet:

Cookbook Passion

BiblioFest    2021

To be held at Your store

Saturday, December 11th, 2021

Showcasing the Cookbooks

of Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

For those who love cookbooks—

The in-store expo to find the best holiday gifts!

Featuring the debut of My Cookbook Passion by Pamela Kure Grogan

“Culinary History & Recipe Adventure Exploring My Personal Collection”

Proposed Special events:

Zoom interview with author Pamela Kure Grogan

local cookbook authors signing

Future cookbook authors—literary agents/publishers invited

munchies & camaraderie

recipe exchanges

Zoom celebrities, food writers

Special Sale Items

[add your own plans)

This is our Inaugural Invitation for you to join us for the FIRST

                   Cookbook Passion

            BiblioFest 2021

This is to be a unique and forward-thinking (first annual) marketing event –“For those who Love Cookbooks”— designed to attract new and loyal book buyers to your store.

As Event Producers we are not a major corporation, instead we have a background in kitchen store management, writing culinary mysteries, and releasing a new cookbook anthology we think deserves national attention for the impact it may have.  

 Our goal is to make this an annual event for all cookbook lovers, and grow the BiblioFest attendance…to your store! 

Cookbook Passion

              BiblioFest 2021

How does this work?

This year there is no entry fee.  The BiblioFest is run from your store, by your store management.

All you have to do is register your store as an Official Cookbook Passion BiblioFest Exhibitor and you (or all staff) designated as Host/Hostess and then participate with enthusiasm during this special One Day event!

 Event date to be Saturday, December 11th during store hours.

Announce your BiblioFest  special planned events at your website and through ours: website: so we can assist in marketing.

Like a convention center expo at our website we will post location and link maps of your store and what you offer at our website.

One small favor you could do for us—this is called smart marketing–

We kindly ask, that among other cookbooks promoted during Cookbook Passion BilioFest,  that you showcase “My Cookbook Passion” by Pamela Kure Grogan and have a certain number of Pamela’s books on hand for sale  We can send you several chapters to view and learn about Pamela and her 3,000 cookbook collection.  Pamela’s distributor rep is Casemate Group (Kate Stein, Sales Director)  (610) 853-9131 and her Publisher contact is:

We feel this semi-autobiography (from a past kitchen store manager) about her cookbook collection will motivate cookbook fans to become interested in the history and future of cookbooks and buy more books at your store! The Cookbook Passion BiblioFest is for all cookbooks to go off your shelves. Isn’t that what you want? Well, let’s have some fun doing it!

And it would help in using your local connections share with us a name of a local blogger, reviewer, social media and news reporters to both promote the event as well as perhaps write about Pamela’s book and do interviews.  Our own marketing will promote yourself and store. Again, the Cookbook Passion Bibliofest  goal is to have people attend and frequent your store or website.

Planning for the Cookbook Passion BiblioFest 2021

 …As part of the BiblioFest, we suggest using your imagination. Here are some of our thoughts:   

  • Invite local cookbook authors to come in and sell, sign their books (have some bring a cooked dish made from their cookbook); provide food and drink (to your budget)
  • In advance put up posters for the event (we can provide the template)
  • Balloons and decorations (create a promotional swag bag).   Find a local (food related) sponsor to under-write costs.
  • Send out press releases, advertise  (we will be doing the same nation-wide for all BiblioFest participants). Let us know any media connections we can call for interviews, with you and with author Pamela Kure Grogan.
  • Have BiblioFest events.   Seek out a food celebrity and we will want to coordinate a Zoom event on line with that person featuring your store.
  •  Bring and display your own best collectible ‘vintage’ cookbooks.
  • Maybe list some ‘Special BiblioFest’ cookbook discounts. Make this an underlying sale event if you so choose. 
  • We would appreciate you having a sign-up sheet at the front door, where you and we can capture email addresses, you for your store promotions, we for our future events.  Our own database which we are building will not be sold to anyone.

We want to promote your store and Bibliofest events at our website,   As we develop the festival infrastructure we will be seeking to help you, maybe have famous epicurean and cookbook celebrities to show up at stores nationwide and posted to YouTube or live Zoom events.  We want your help in developing this towards an annual event to promote cookbooks….and your store!

Co-op Ad Partners:


We will be seeking national sponsors.  Any funds collected by us: 20% will be distributed evenly among all BiblioFest Prime Exhibitors.

Local Sponsorships. You keep any revenues from local sponsors and used solely to promote the event.  For us, we won’t allow advertising from any large bookstore chain or mammoth online discounters; book publishers perhaps; food-ingredient people, yes.

The Cookbook Passion BiblioFest  2021is open to everyone who creates and/or promotes cookbooks and their popularity, this includes independent bookstores, bloggers, food writers, online bookstores, kitchen stores.

We want you to help us build this up into an annual major industry-wide extravaganza, where we excite the general public to come to your store to buy cookbooks.  Perhaps even try it twice a year in 2022 if successful in December.

So, this is an invitation to gain more followers of ‘those who love cookbooks’.  Exhibitor Invitations to the 2022 Cookbook Passion BiblioFest will be based on a store’s success in promoting this December’s day-long event—making it worthwhile for all…and hopefully your store making record one-day sales. Send us photos and videos.

Cookbook Promotions. For your participation, on our end, we will list five of your promoted cookbooks at our website through March 30th, 2022 linked back to your store (no cost).  We may also have awards for “Best Cookbook Passion Store 2021” promoting cookbooks during the BiblioFest, and awards to cookbook authors (no charge to enter) with various categories, nominated and voted on by BiblioFest registered Exhibitors.  Be empathetic, this is our first year in grinding out event details, and working out the surprise ‘bugs’.   Your own creative input in making this event outstanding are welcomed.

Again, no cost to become an Exhibitor. But you have to be an active participant.

Please join the Cookbook Passion’BiblioFest and fill out the enclosed Event Registration and send back to us.

Stephen Grogan

Cookbook Passion BiblioFest Producer